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Homes should be listed on Thursdays in late April for greatest reward

by Lindsey Wells - Zillow


Although real estate is selling quickly year-round in Houston’s competitive market, Zillow analysis suggests homes listed on Thursdays in the second half of April have the best chance of selling above the listing price.

Zillow found that Houston homes listed in late April could sell for $8,600 more than the typical U.S. home. Additionally, homes listed on any Thursday, when shoppers are planning for weekend showings, can sell for $1,100 more.

In contrast, the worst time to list a home for sale in Houston is late October.

The potential price benefit from listing at the right time has grown as home values have increased. Listing during the best or worst times of the year can impact a sale price by as much as $21,000, compared to a difference of only $12,500 before the pandemic, the report noted.

“Even as frantic buyers are snapping up homes days after they hit the market and often bidding them up above list price, there is still value to be had by listing a home during the right time of year, which is in the spring in most cases,” said Zillow economist Nicole Bachaud. “This is a friendly market for sellers, but those who are simultaneously buying need a firm grasp on the right tools and strategies to win their next home.”

As the best season to list a home approaches, buyers should be prepared for a competitive and fast-moving market. Home listings in April get more than 30% more page views per day than average, meaning more interest and potentially a bidding war that ends in the home selling above the list price, according to the report.


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