Texas Flat Fee MLS Texas Flat Fee MLS Listing for FSBOs (For Sale By Owners). Save Thousands.

Texas Flat Fee MLS Listing

Sell Your Home FSBO (For Sale By Owner) or with a Real Estate Agent?

Selling your property yourself without the experience of a real estate agent can save you a ton on commissions. However, be sure you know what you're getting into. Learn about the process, whether it's a good idea for your situation, and where to get help if you do decide to go it alone. Above all, get to know the market well enough so that you can properly price your property.

When you hire an agent they handle the local pricing comps, offer reviews, negotiations and more. But you also get locked into a listing contract.
And you have to pay a high commission.

When you sell FSBO there are no long term contracts but you also might not get the exposure your property needs to sell.

Another option is a Texas Flat Fee MLS Listing.
This puts your property on the same MLS for a small flat fee and you still get to sell your house by owner. However you still have to pay a buyers agent if they find your house on the MLS and bring you a buyer.

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